Monday, 8 October 2012

World’s smallest and lightest e-bike~


Lately we have seen folding bicycles, electric bicycles and so on. But now, for the first time in Malaysia, we have the smallest and lightest e-bike (electronic bike)! It is called as the YikeBike

Here are some of the YikeBike's features:

  • Foldable --> you can bring it into the train as well
  • Anti-skid regenerative brakes (the battery will recharge as the user apply the brake)- Cool!
  • Maximum speed : 23km per hour
  • Safety features: LED lights (brake lights, rear lights, & hazard lights)
The weight of the bicycle however depends on the material used. For the Fusion which is 14.7kg might costs you RM6,995. If you prefer a lighter one, the Carbon which is 11.5kg will costs you RM12,875. Kind of expensive, but it’s worth it, I guess. Heheh. No need to rush for classes, but i bet that most people will stare at your bicycle.

YikeBike is one of the e-bike manufacturers from New Zealand. 

Interested? Get this cool stuff from Mysikal Ecobikes  website and it comes with warranty supported by the Langkawi distributor.



  1. as if i were the rider..OMG!not interested even it is the latest technology.

  2. This is embarrassing to ride XD